Homebrew, take two

Since my brain didn’t come with enough memory, and my “homebrew notebook” is actually mostly full of notes I took at some conference (whoops), maybe I’ll write some stuff here so I remember what I did. And maybe it can help some other upstart homebrewers learn from my mistakes (maybe I’ll even learn myself someday). Cheers!

First I boiled a lot of water. Turns out I was supposed to put the specialty grains in as this was happening, in the little mesh net…whoops! Instead I did something dumber (see later).

Oh also, brewing music, very important. I went with a classic rock mix for this batch:

Once it was boiling, I added the boiling hops and the specialty grain, and the amber malt. Again, this was a mistake. Specialty grains should have been in the mesh bag until boiling, then removed, and then the amber malt and boiling hops added. Anyway, I eventually just emptied the mesh net into the wort, so I’m gonna need to get creative to filter all that out later. Lesson learned!

Oh also, obviously it’s important to have a beer or three while doing all this. I decided to stick with the porter theme (that’s what I attempted to brew).

After the wort was all together for about 40 minutes, I added the finishing hops for the last 5.

Then it was time to cool it all down to 75 degrees to put in the fermenting bucket and add the yeast! I tried out my rigged together cooling “system.” Maybe system is the wrong word, its just a coil of thin copper tubing. Should really get some sort of fixture to make it easier to get the water through, maybe I’ll work on that for next time. Anyway, it worked decently, though I eventually went with the brute force block of ice method, cause I needed to get that out of the freezer.

Then, to the fermenting bucket! Added the yeast, and we were off to the races…except I broke the lid and had to go buy a new one. No big deal or anything.

We’ll see what happens. Goal for next time, fewer epic mistakes!


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