Hey all! It’s been quite a while, so I figured I’d post a beer update. Just finished bottling my dunkelweizen, which I’ve decided to call “Opening Day” (since it was bottled just before baseball opening day). Also because I’ve had “I want to be a producer” stuck in my head for the last few days (“Opening Night” is another song from The Producers).

In a bush league homebrewer move, the recipe for this one might be lost forever? I’ll have to investigate and see if I can figure out what I did here…

Yellow Dot Maple Porter, Episode 4 - A New Hope (for beer)

If we’ve learned anything from Star Wars, we know that batch 4 should be infinitely better than the first 3.

Now that I’m relocated, I got all my brewing supplies and ingredients from Craft Brewed, which is a pretty great bar/beer store/homebrew supply store. Recipe here (originally from here, though mine is a slight variant). This was brewed in conjunction with my original brew instructor, from my very first batch (which is apparently not on this blog). He had a wort chiller, and oh my goodness is that so much better than every ridiculous solution I’ve engineered. Gonna have to finally make one of those!

The Return of George Dieter for Town Council IPA!

Though the campaign is over, its spirit lives on in round two!




Another batch of Keviweizen has been bottled! Hopefully this will be as much of a hit as the last batch.

More Keviweizen underway…

Same recipe as last time, since it turned out really well! One small change - German wheat beer yeast instead of Bavarian wheat beer yeast. It’s an experiment, we’ll see what happens!

Hefeweizen in bottles

This happened Sunday. That is all.

Keviweizen Returns!

After a long hiatus, I’ve finally returned to brewing! I found a new hefeweizen recipe that I’m trying out, which can be found here. Just to copy it here (mainly so it’s easier for me to find later).

5 lbs. Bavarian Wheat DME

8 oz. Carahell

1 oz. tettnanger

Bavarian Wheat yeast (different from linked recipe, since that’s what the store had)

I followed the directions pretty closely. Grains steeped for 20 mins starting at ~150 degrees. First added 2 lbs. of DME plus the tettnanger, with the last 3 lbs. DME added for the last 10 minutes. We’ll see how it goes, can’t wait! Had some Franziskaner, since really, what else would you drink while making a hefeweizen!?

"If God had intended us to drink beer, He would have given us stomachs."

-David Daye

"I like beer. On occasion, I will even drink a beer to celebrate a major event such as the fall of Communism or the fact that the refrigerator is still working" - Dave Barry

Yellow dot maple porter (v. 3) bottled!

Well it took a few months, but I finally put the beer in the bottle. It’s tasting a bit sweeter than v.1, but maybe that’s because it has a less overpowering alcohol taste to it. We’ll see how it turns out in a few weeks!